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I beg for A Fishing Boat

A boat is a watercraft of different types and sizes which serve various purposes. Boats are used to convey goods and people from one shore to the other. They are also used for leisure activities and as a means of living. Fishermen use boats to catch fish in the sea, river or lake. Prior to the production of boats, early fishermen used rafts to carry on their work. These rafts were limited in function; they were not suitable for use at a time, a great distance from the shoreline. They were also not large to accommodate plenty of fish. This prompted the need to invent boats that are larger and more durable.

I am a fisherman. I live in a village surrounded by water bodies. My family has been in the business of fishing even before my birth, it is an age-long tradition. I remember following my father to fish as a little boy. All our source of living comes from fishing. Fishing is a very important part of my life. I cannot think of any other vocation that will bring me joy and fulfilment like fishing does. Fishing is a noble profession in my village.

I beg for a fishing boat. Most fishermen in my village; my family-inclusive are very poor. I cannot afford to buy a fishing boat because it is very expensive. I am the breadwinner of a very large family and saving for a fishing boat is not possible because of the many needs I shoulder.

My life as a fisherman is full of uncertainties. I leave my home every morning at the break of dawn with my fishnet, baits and stick. I join other fishermen like me who do not have a fishing boat at the house of my village chief to get one. He charges us 40 percent of our daily sales in exchange for his fishing boat. Most days when I use the chief’s fishing boat, I catch big fishes in my net which my young wife sells in our village market. The little money from the sales is used to buy essential food items and also take care of my little daughter’s school fees. My old mother is very ill now and is receiving treatment at the health center in my village.

On some other days when I cannot afford to keep to his terms and conditions of hiring a boat, I get only small prawns and crabs or nothing at all. Staying at the shore without a fishing boat does not yield much for a passionate fisherman like me. I cannot keep up with hiring fishing boats every day because it yields little profit for me. Possessing a fishing boat will make my work less stressful and also generate more income for my extended family.

I request you to give me a fishing boat. It will help my family in a lot of ways. I will be able to catch big fishes and sell too. I will be able to provide the basic luxuries of life for my family. I also want to export fishes to big cities and employ young people to work with me. All these dreams are all possible if I am able to get a fishing boat from you. I will remain ever grateful and will use fishing to help mankind in my own little way. Thank you!


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