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I beg for a few formal dresses

Clothes are fabrics that we put on our bodies to hide our nakedness. They come in different styles, prices, and brands. Everyone has own choice to wear clothes. They also vary from culture to culture. Every culture has its own preference. Clothes are the first thing that people see when they come across each other. Those who wear modern and fashionable clothes are known to be rich. There are some people who wear an average looking dress and they are known to be members of the middle class. There are some people who wear a dress just to hide their body and they are known as members of lower-middle-class. Lower-middle-class is also known as the poor.

I beg for some fashionable, stylish and modern dresses to wear. They can be pants and shirts. They also can be a 2- or 3-piece pant coat. Actually, I do have some dresses. But they are not modern, fashionable and classy. There is a local dress in my area which is known as shalwar kurta. I have a few dresses. I am from a village. It is considered that those who are poor live in a village and they are supposed to wear salwar kurta as their dress. I am one of them.

I am a student. I go to college to get an education. My college is in a city that is near our village. As you know that in a college that is situated in a city, students from different backgrounds come to study. Most of them belong to rich families and they have a beautiful dress to wear.
On normal days, students are supposed to wear college uniform. But there are also special days when teachers instruct students to wear classy dresses like annual function, welcome party, and farewell party. In our city, it is common to wear formal dressing on these types of events. Those who have formal dresses, they show off the flamboyance of their dresses on these events. Those like me who do not have formal dresses they either do not go to attend such events of college or they face disgrace in front of the brightness of those flamboyant dresses.

I have attended a few functions of my college by attending my local shalwar kurta dress. My class fellows have pointed me not to wear such a dress on a formal occasion but they do not understand my financial condition as they never have been to my home or my village. I tell them that next time I will do shopping with you guys and buy a new formal dress. But my pocket money does not allow me to go with them.

My family cannot give me money to buy a formal dress because my family is poor. My father is a laborer who works on daily wages. Daily wagers are living hand to mouth in our area. They are paid too low in spite of the great effort they put to do work.

So, I beg for a few formal dresses so that I may become able to attend functions at my college with my head up.


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