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I beg for a few books.

Books are bare essentials and takes a person to infinite levels of imagination. Books are not only great companions but also give the best advices and vision for life. Books are quite self-less professors which pour out heaps of knowledge without demanding anything in return from anyone. There are many different kinds of books like fictional, scientific, novels, travel, comics, art, biographies, series, math, fantasies and so many more. Each kind has its own charm and leaves a great effect on our life in a positive way.
I love to read books. A cozy corner, warm cup of tea or hot chocolate and a remarkable book to read is kind of my happy place to thrive. It just becomes a mood changer, wraps me up in the lives of characters, sometimes scientific experiments, on a plane to Paris and sometimes leaves me reflecting and contemplating about religion and finding out meaning of existence. They feel like home and often make you meet the reality of life, filling with intellect and finding possibilities and ways to do better, become better person, more compassionate, generous and kind at heart. Some books are exceptional in making revelations happen to you in between the readings and some at bed sides helps putting in a deep sweet sleep.
Being an educationist I am always up for looking towards new ideas, words, experiences, it helps me get away from the negativity and chaos the world mostly has to offer. I usually used to go get new books to read by nearby library but the quarantine life and lockdown has put me in distress, a constant sense of gloominess and anxiety as I am unable to go get new books to read. The overwhelming cloud of melancholy is simply so draining and news channels leave you feeling at risk every single time you turn on the television.
Nowadays the situation is alarming. Staying home is the only choice to stay safe. The world feels upside down and amidst all this I miss a friend in form off a book. I constantly feel my intellect drowning and vocabulary going down and imagination sinking.
I beg for few good books. Books help me to stay in mental well-being and tranquil state. They make me feel like on a constant voyage, in meeting different types of people, getting to know different characters, increasing a wide range of new words to my memory and improving my memory.
Book reading helps me reduce and any kind of stress and expand my analytical and creative thinking skills. It helps me increasing my writing skills and adapt new ways in writing. It helps me entertaining myself in a fun but yet positive and productive way. It helps just like friend and therapy. Looking forward to a new read and to make most improvement out of it, if anyone helps me with a book.
I beg for a few book, given below are the names of books I want:
1. In Search of Lost Times by Marcel Proust.
2. Charlie and the Chocolate factory by Roald Dahl.
3. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.
4. One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
5. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Love to write .


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