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I beg for a Fancy Bag

Bags are an important accessory which shapes your personality more beautifully. They give you a luxurious look and make you feel very comfortable. Bags can be small or big and we can get them according to our demands. Big bags can help us keep a large amount of things with us while for those who only keep their phone with them can use small bags. Small bags can give you a casual look. The world has evolved a lot and there are a huge diversity in bags. We can now find bags in different shapes, colors, styles and sizes. Bags made of good quality are more considerable rather than having a lot of bags but with cheap quality.
I am a person which is very addicted to accessories. I have a lot of things in jewelry but my need is to get a beautiful bag now. I travel to different places for fun and also for work. And I have to take lots of things with me therefore I prefer a large bag. There are a lot of things which I prefer necessary for me. I keep my perfumes, makeup, hairbrush, a small book, my wallet, charger, hand frees and phone with me. And to keep all of these things I need a big bag.
My friends always show off about their bags and they brag about their collection of bags. While I don’t have a lot of them and I find it difficult to purchase these many bags because even if I manage to get many things, there are still some things which are out of my range.
I get a lot of things as my birthday present. But mostly, when someone gift me a bag I become very happy because I really cherish my bags. I collect money and buy bags but most of the time, the bags I want are very expensive. Therefore I have to compromise with the circumstances and forget about my desire for those bags.
I saw a large bag on the store of Gucci. I wanted to buy it at any cost but it was way too costly for me. It was black in color and had a stone on it which made it look very graceful. It was made of a soft texture but it was very expensive. If I count all my accessories, I can still not pay for that bag. I really want to have that bag because it fits me really well from all angles and I really want to keep it. But I want someone to buy it for me because I cannot afford such a costly bag right now. It will upset my budget.
Later on, I saw that same bag in one of my friend’s closet. She was showing off a lot. The more she talked about it the more I was feeling annoyed. The way she was talking about the details of the bag increased my will of getting that bag. I want to have it so that I can also use it. I want to fulfill my desire and that is why I beg for that fancy bag.


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