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I beg for a earbuds

I beg for a earpods

In this new era earbuds are an inevitable gadget. Most of the mobile phones from the past year do not come with a 9mm jack ,mostly on flagship phones. This shows the importance of earbuds in current year as well as coming years. earbuds gives you tangle free and convenable earphones .innovations like this, along with specs like noise cancellation, artificial intelligence, and gesture control make it clear that true wireless earbuds are moving beyond basic portable audio devices – and these are the features you should be looking for if you decide that coming years is the year you finally dip your toes into the world of true wireless.The wireless revolution has taken over the earphone market by storm but i truly haven’t yet experienced this marvel unless you’ve gone truly wireless.

Some of the important reasons why i should go to truly wireless earbuds are mentioned below

Complete Freedom from Wires:Truly wireless earphones let me keep my phone away while listening to music. I also get freedom from that wire around your neck (not to mention the uncomfortable tubes/remote/neckpieces on them). While most earphones (including wireless ones) claim that they have a tangle-free cable, if you really really don’t want tangles or worse, snapped cables, eliminate them completely.

Complements my Style :Thanks to their wireless earbud style, each in-ear fits in the ear seamlessly. The minimalist design makes sure that it goes with whatever you wear. we can move around with these without any awkward wires/bits sticking out. Some earbuds like Bragi The Dash Pro also doubles-up as your swimming buddy, so you never have to step out of the pool with a cable awkwardly entangled in your hair or around you.

Can be used anywhere : Whether i prefer going for a run or sitting in a complicated Yoga posture, these earbuds stay put comfortably and make sure that they don’t come in the way. I can even use them in a formal setting or while travelling.

Easy to carry around : When I’m in a hurry to get somewhere. I just need to slip wireless earphones in my bag. Later, when I need it, I pull it out, along with a few other things that have got entangled in its wire. Unlike in the above scenario, truly wireless earbuds do not get tangled with anything (obviously). A good number of them come with charging/carrying cases. So, you can just slip them into the case and carry them around. (i don’t even have to worry about a dead battery!)

Cutting edge technology : Each tiny earpiece is packed with some serious technology. I mean Active Noise Cancellation, Audio Transparency, water resistance, Stereo to Mono switch and so much more! A lot of earbuds are made for sportspersons (like the Jabra Elite Sport) and can connect to various fitness apps or monitor your heartbeat, calorie count, distance covered, etc.

These are some of the reasons why I beg to have truly wireless earbuds. The main reason that i haven’t mentioned above is that while travelling i mostly use motorbikes of my friends .To attend important calls while riding wireless earbuds is very important . since many wireless earbuds which provide good quality experience are out of my budget. I will be glad if this community helps me to get one.

Thank you


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