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I beg for a DSLR Camera

Humans take fancy to collecting memories. They love to record present moments so that may be able to see them in the future. We face different situations in our life. Some experiences are good and some are bad. But above all, they become our memories. The best way to record them is to take photographs and record videos.
I am a person who loves to take photos and record videos. Photography and videography are what I like the most. But I do not have a DSLR camera. I have a simple android phone with low camera quality. Moreover, the storage of my phone is very low. I can take some photos. As far as video is concerned, I cannot record any video because every time I try to record any video, a pop-up appears stating that there is a storage problem.

“Photography and videography” on a cellphone is not a professional approach because of its low quality. That is why I need a DSLR Camera. I do not have right now and I need one to have. Taking photos on DSLR is my passion. I want to record the happy moments of my life.I always wished to be a photographer and videographer. Without having a DSLR camera, it is not possible for me to be a professional in this field. One camera can help me bring my dream into reality.

Photos play an important role in everyone’s life. Pictures connect us to what we had done in our past. They make us remind of people, places, experiences, and different situations. I am an emotional person. I want to record my present to remember in the past.
But I cannot afford to buy a DSLR Camera. I belong to a poor family. My family cannot afford to buy me a DSLR camera. Lower middle-class families always concern about their survival. They do not understand what are the dreams of their children. Families bring up their children in a way that they do not demand anything from their parents because they know the financial condition of their family.
I am a social person. I have friends from all backgrounds, races, religions and social status. Some of my friends are rich enough to buy a DSLR camera. Some of them have good phones. They use their expensive cellphone to take photos and record videos. I have neither.

It is an age of technology. It is a digital age. Social media and the internet have increased the importance of photography and videography. Photography has become a source of income. Those people who are good photographers sell their photos on the internet. I want to make photography and videography my source of income. I want to be the luckiest person by making my passion a source of income. Those who have their passion as their source of income, they are the luckiest person of this world. I want to be one of them.

That is why I beg for a DSLR Camera to change my dream into reality. It will help not only to me to chase my dreams but also to my family to improve their way of living.

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