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I beg for a DSLR Camera

DSLR is a camera used by the professionals in the photography and videography industry. It is now an industry standard, which makes it utmost popular among the cameras. Photos snapped using DSLRs have an eye-catching and long lasting effect on the audience. Almost every major photo you see on a billboard or some advertisement is most probably shot on a DSLR. Many people cash their high quality photographs on online platforms where people buy these masterpieces. You can also get royalty of your images by licensing them against a fee for fair usage.
There are several ways to earn money using a DSLR, one includes by using the social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok which have allowed many poor people to gain success just by their storytelling through the lens. YouTube is a major income source for people which is a video sharing platform. It is seen that the videos with quality are more prone to gaining views.
Currently, I do not have a camera neither a smartphone. But, I am asking for a DSLR because my passion lies in photography. I am writing this begging post from my friend’s PC. If I had resources, then I would have never begged for anything on this platform. I am from a poor family which makes it a constraint for me to buy anything like a camera. Expensive things are like a luxury item for us.
I need a DSLR camera for myself which would enable me to pursue my passion of photography and videography. I intend to make YouTube videos using the DSLR to show the beautiful places around through the videos. I have already started learning tips from my fellows on how to grow on YouTube so that I can earn a few bucks to buy things which a normal kid can buy.
It would also help me grow myself on social media platforms like Instagram. I will use the following in my favour to make money using brand endorsements and affiliate posts. I have seen many young girls and boys in my vicinity who have started to earn for themselves and they also support their families after they got a reach on YouTube and Instagram.
I have always fancied about becoming a brand photographer of a multinational brand. If I ever got my hands on a good camera like DSLR than I am sure about my success in this field. I will spend my time practicing and maturing my skills until I get what I dreamt about.
This website has provided me a chance to ask for help from the most generous people around the world. I came to know about this website beggar.news via one of my friends who is an underprivileged student and got his college fee financed by one of the philanthropists who reached out to him via this platform. I hope to get a DSLR camera from some generous personality, which will help me earn some money for me and my family. If you are reading my article, then please help by buying a DSLR for me. I would be highly thankful to you for your support.


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