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I beg for a digital camera

“A digital camera” As the name suggests it is a digital device that is used to record both videos and photos. This device is precisely called a digital camera. It is an advanced form of the camera which has more preferences over a camera of an android phone. Those who want to be professional in their career need a professional digital camera to show off the talent that they hold in themselves. “Never keep your talent hide; show it off to be a master of your field,’’ that is what I believe.

I beg for a digital camera. I am a committed, determined and focused person. All these qualities are what a person must have to succeed in any field. But these things are abstract and come under psychological factors. Right now, I am in need of a physical item- a digital camera.
I cannot purchase a digital camera for me. I have been YouTube videos since my childhood. The first time I watched a video, I promised myself to be the best videographer in my area. With the passage of time, it became clear to me that I must have a digital camera to fulfill my dream. Since then, I have wanted to have a digital camera.

I belong to a lower-middle-class family. My family does not have a concern with what I want to be and what I want to have to pursue my dreams. It happens in those families that are too poor to think about things other than food two times in a day. Secondly, I belong to a village. In a village, one does not have a lot of part-time job opportunities. I am a student. I am studying in a college. So, doing a part-time job is not possible for me as I do not have opportunities. Had I opportunities to work part-time to earn some money, I would have burnt my midnight oil to collect enough money to buy a digital camera in order to fulfill my dream of becoming a successful, prominent and influencer videographer.

I request you to give me a digital camera. It will help me a lot in many ways. When I have a camera, I will be able to shoot photos and videos at different events and functions locally in my area as it is common to record all the events in this digitalized age. Financially, it will be a big help to me and my family. Secondly, I will be able to make a YouTube channel. I will record my videos and upload them on YouTube so that the whole world may happen to see what I have recorded to show them. I want my work to prevail globally. In this age of idealism, everyone needs recognition, so do I.
All my dreams, goals, success, recognition and identity are just a digital camera away. You, yes you the mighty philanthropist, you can make me catch that camera. You can put me on the way to success and glory. I will always give you the credit for my success and recognition.


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