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I beg for a diary

I dream of writing a book one day. I might share my journey with hearing loss and bipolar disorder, or I could just write a novel. Either way, I’d just be proud to publish a good book one day. One that plenty of people can benefit from and enjoy!

You’ve probably thought that maybe I love writing as well and you’ve guessed correctly! Writing is something I am fond of but one thing which is not always easy to write is to maintain your journal.

If you’ve been to therapy before then you might have often heard when your therapist tells you please write all the thoughts that come to you across the day or when you experience an anger situation, write down what happens after the heat of the moment and so on. This is called maintaining a journal of your thoughts and emotions and you can maintain a journal of anything you want.

Coming from a bipolar background where it’s not always easy to log this and that, this is a bit of a challenge. But I’d love to stick to it then develop it as my habit and daily routine.

And there’s no better way to do this that to have a well-designed diary to maintain a journal of my thoughts and emotions as well as my eating and sleep habits.

When I’ve written something years ago and I come to read it today, it’s a rich experience. I tend to know more about myself, how my thoughts and feelings evolve with time. Often, I can also laugh at how some situations made me on top of my nerves when they were trivial.

I found a picture of a diary I liked on Amazon which I posted here. The tree, leaves, “always growing” quote, brown leather cover …all this were grouped together to make a simple yet powerful diary.

And that’s what its all about; always growing. My thoughts, emotions, ideas, behavior, perspective on things will never stop growing- otherwise I’d be a dead tree. I am always growing; my leaves grow big and green and sometimes wither just to develop better leaves. I am on a competition with no one other than myself and so I should strive only to be a better me; a better version of myself today than yesterday.

Unlike my planner which sets me out for the future, my diary engages me in the teeny weenies of the present thus living in the moment. Writing down also helps release a lot of negative energy setting you out to enjoy a great today. I once heard a quote which I liked and that is “We always look for a better tomorrow, but when tomorrow comes, we again think of a better tomorrow. Let’s have a better today”

I can have a better today with my diary and a better tomorrow with my planner.

So here I am, begging you for a diary of your choice, praying everything great comes your way and thanking you so much in advance.


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