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I beg for A desktop

As a self-employed freelancer who works remotely – technology is my best friend which means I need great technological equipment to enhance my working experience.

Having a laptop makes working easy of course, but having the addition of a Desktop would take my work to the next level!

I would be able to literally do two things at once; I could be typing on my laptop while a video plays on the desktop enabling me to get more things done.

If you’re a freelancer, you would understand that time is a precious commodity that you never have enough of.

Having a desktop would make my working experience so much more proactive and a lot more advanced.

I want to give the best I can to this industry, I want to go far and be successful in this industry and all I need is enough equipment to get there.

I have learned that as a freelancer, you need to do things that are not just going to be full of experiences, be profitable but you’re going to make an effort to save yourself as much time as possible.

The addition of a new desktop would be a great asset to my working equipment and this would also contribute towards the home office I am trying to put together.

All I want for my career is to have enough of the right kinds of investment so I can grow in this industry, I don’t want to have something like money to disable me in this aspect.

I love writing, it’s truly my favorite thing to do and now that is has become my profession it’s rather liberating.

However, you don’t notice all the things you may need from big things to small things like a desktop and although saving is possible it would be very difficult with my current financial circumstance and it would take a bit of time.

I want to make writing more fun for myself, I want to do everything I can possibly do to ensure I am fully set up and my working experience is extra smooth.

To somebody else, it may be as simple as a desktop but to me – this is something I really need to help me with my writing.

You don’t realize how to experience technology really is until you’re subject to make a purchase, when I had invested in my laptop it was scary as I had never paid such a large sum of money in one go.

It had been challenging to purchase the laptop, it negatively affected my financially and took me a few months afterward to receive from the big purchase.

Now that I am working for myself, money is not overflowing from the work I am doing making it harder to afford my lifestyle and making any other purchases.

If someone could buy me a desktop that would help me immensely as that allows me to focus more on paying my current bills and that is one huge thing off the list of what I need.

I hope that you see what an amazing purchase this could be for me and you decide to help.


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