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I beg for a decent wrist watch

Watch is an important thing. One of the most important functions of watch is to give proper time. A wrist watch helps the people finish their work in allotted time. So, wearing a watch is vital. A good watch has a good battery which keeps watch running.

Being a student, I need a wrist watch. I go outside to meet different people belonging to different backgrounds, races, and social status. I have to go outside and face other rich people. I don’t have a decent watch. I feel embarrassed because I have no stylish watch. A common man cannot buy a decent watch.

I have many friends. Some of my friends belong to rich families and they can afford a wristwatch. When I am with them without wearing a watch, I don’t feel good because they show their watches to each other and talk about different watches and expensive brands of watches that I cannot afford at all. It makes me sad.

Some of my friends belong to middle-class families. They can afford a watch of low worth or price. They show sympathy with me as they don’t talk about expensive watches when I am near them. They respect my financial condition. But from deep inside, I can feel what they think about me. I know they think me a poor because I don’t talk with them about different expensive brands. It makes me gloomy.

As I am a student, I go to university. I have to take care of the time. My university requires me to reach on time. Daily, I go to university by travelling 50 km distance on public transport. As I do not have a watch, so sometimes I get late because I cannot see the time. During travelling in public transport, If I have to ask the time, I ask other people who are travelling with me. Some of them tell me in a decent way. Some of them look at me in a way that embarrasses me. That is why I need to have a decent looking wrist watch.

Exams are an essential part of a student. While taking examinations, students must care about time. If a student does not have a wrist watch, it becomes difficult for him to manage time. The same case is with me. I do not have a watch. Sometimes, I get late for exams because I reach late. Sometimes, I cannot manage time in a proper way just because I do not have a watch. It affects my academic performance. It is essential for me to have a watch.

Some people do not care about respect and reputation. Watches are very important to start a new conversation with people whom you like to talk to, and who like watches. A decent watch is a great subject of discussion. It is a topic that helps build new relationships between people as they have a common interest. I need a watch to be socially accepted.

I beg for a decent wrist watch because I belong to a lower-middle-class family. My family cannot afford to give me a watch. A decent wristwatch will help me a lot in improving my lifestyle and standard of living.

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