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I beg for A Decent House

A house is a single-unit private building, which may go in intricacy from a simple hovel to an unpredictable structure of wood, brickwork, concrete, or other material, equipped with plumbing, electrical, and heating, ventilation, and cooling systems.
Houses utilize a scope of various roofing frameworks to keep precipitation, for example, rain from getting into the dwelling space. Houses may have entryways or locks to make sure about the dwelling space and shield its inhabitants and substance from thieves or different intruders.
Most ordinary present-day houses in Western societies will contain at least one room and washrooms, a kitchen or cooking region, and a living room. A house may have a different dining room, or the eating zone might be integrated into another room. In conventional horticulture situated social orders, local creatures, for example, chickens or bigger domesticated animals (like cows) may impart some portion of the house to people.
I need a house with the following characteristics:
1. Location
I need a house which is located near the highway and the shopping center. It should be where I walk to while going to town or while I’m doing some exercises. It should be located where there’s access to clean water. The house should be within the neighborhood.
2. Light and Bright
I need a house with ample windows that allow full sun. I may have to provide shade in the summertime, but I’ll save on heating bills in winter and overall have a sunnier disposition than those who live in a cave. I will be pushing towards solar panels use at home should I get a house.
3. Walkability
I want a house where I can able to walk to the shops. The distance should be convenient, good for exercise too. I need the location to encourage my walk to town. If so, I need a house that is not close to the foothills, the mountain, or the river bank.
4. Security
I want a house where I can walk safely during odd hours. It should not be within a secluded area. It should be where no one Can sneak up on me from behind. The house should be where the neighbors can help me whenever there’s a problem or when I get hurt. I require a safe and secure house.
5. Privacy
No one should be able to look in, especially from the higher areas above me. I can also accept up-slopes as long as there is ample distance from the flat area in between, and the houses above are set back so I can’t see them much. I beg for a private house.
6. Two-Story
My personal preference is usually two-story houses. I feel it because it can allow me to stay together with all my family members. I also prefer it because it’s cheaper compared to a one-story house
7. Floor Plan
I desire a house with big open rooms that flow. This can be fixed with cream-colored tiles. It should have enough space.
8. Indoor/Outdoor Entertaining – I love a house with both indoor and outdoor entertaining features. It should have a swimming pool, beautiful flowers, a small garden, a decent resting shade, and an outdoor kitchen. I beg for a decent house.

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