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I beg for a cycle

A cycle is the machine which was invented many years ago to travel faster. Before the invention of a bicycle, humans used to travel either by sitting on animals or by walking on foot. So, it was invented to reduce human effort. In the 21st century, there are many people out there who do not have even cycle to cover their distance and to travel. Is not it strange in this modern world where people have invented new machines to travel i.e. train, the car, airplanes, etc.?

The point is that all people are not the same as all the five fingers are not the same. Some people are rich and they have enough money to travel by using modern transportation means. They can even purchase their own transportation means. There are people too who cannot buy these means of transportation and travel.

I am one of those who do not have any means of transportation. I do not have any of them, not even a cycle. I beg for a cycle. I live in a village. My village is situated almost 10 km away from the city. It is not possible for me to cover this distance on foot. A single person cannot cover 20 km distance in a day. It is too difficult for me.

I am a student. I have to go to college daily. My college is in the city which is 10 km away from my village- I already have told you. Many other boys from my village go to the same college where I go to get an education. They have cycles to travel. Not every day they take me with them to college. Some days, I go with them on their cycle. Other days when they refuse to take me, I have to go on foot which becomes too tough for me. You can understand how long it takes to cover a 10km distance on foot. My class in charge has strictly order to arrive in class on time. Whenever I go to college on foot, I get late which is obvious.

Not having a cycle is affecting me badly- psychologically, socially and educationally. As I get late for class, my teacher does not allow me to enter the class. So that day I have to stand out of the class for an hour as a punishment. It is a great loss for a student who is interested in getting an education and changing his life in a positive way. Secondly, I am being exploited socially. My reputation is at stake. All my class fellows do not look at me with respectful eyes. They tease me because I do not have a cycle and I am poor. What is my fault if I am born poor? Now I want to change my life and condition. I want to get out of this life which has only poorness for me. I want to be something of value and importance. But only one cycle is on my way. I request to philanthropists to give me a cycle.


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