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I beg for a Cycle

From start till today, bicycles have been used for any purpose. In a practical way, bicycles are used for transportation, bicycle commuting, and utility cycles. It is used daily by the mail carriers, paramedics, messengers, and general delivery services.
Cycling can protect you from vital bugs like stroke, heart attack, cancer, depression, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. Cycling is quite easy you can include in daily routine by going to shops, parks, school or work. On the other hand, riding a bike is fun but it has a low effect on health and not a healthy exercise.
As we discussed above that cycling is a good exercise, It also helps in reducing belly fat. All we have to do is take a healthy diet with exercise and cycling. In fact, we can add cycling to a fitness scheme because it is a great workout. It is also a very powerful exercise that can help us reduce belly fat faster so that we can achieve our fitness goals.
Now the point is why I need a cycle? Right? I live in a village. Which is far away from my college. Many other boys from the same village get an education from my college. All of them have their own cycle so that they reach college on time but I got late from college many times. Because they don’t take me to college every day with them. When they refused to take me with them, I have to go to college on foot which is very difficult for me. You imagine how long it is for me to cover this much distance on foot. And hence I get late.
Not having my own cycle infecting me terribly in all aspects. It affects me socially, educationally, and psychologically as well. When I get late from college, due to not having a cycle, my teachers not allow me to enter the class and punished me for this. They stand me out of the class for an hour which is painful for me.
Not attending a lecture is a great loss for a student who is passionate about his study. And know that education brings a positive and healthy change in his life. I’m also drawing on socially. I’m standing at rode. My fellow’s fun full eyes also embarrass me because they don’t like me. They make fun of me because I do not have my own cycle. It is very awkward for me. Now I have to change my life and condition at any cost. I want to change my life by getting an education because I know this is the only way that brings happiness in my life. For this, I have to attend all lectures. It is only possible when I have a cycle.
I request you to please get me a cycle to continue my study. It is also important for my brighter future which is far away from this poorness. I beg you to help me with buying a new cycle. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor and remember you in my prayers.


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