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I beg for a Computer

I beg for a Computer

In this 21st century, tech gadgets these days plays an important role in everyone’s life. Apart from that, most of the things are actually necessary for daily tasks.
If we talk about computers, it is so important because it is precise, quick and can manage many tasks easily. Otherwise, it takes much more time to finish those tasks manually. It can do a big calculation in just a minute.
Many people have a computer. In fact, having a computer is not a big deal. I know a population that owns more than one computer. They just kept them on shelves to get some dirt on it but no one is using them. On the other hand, many people who don’t have it because they cannot afford to have it. I believe we live in a weird world.
After college, I got a strong passion for the computer and make money online of my interest. I start doing research and then online gaming grab my heed. And then I decide to start playing online games and earn money. But it was very difficult for me because I don’t have a computer. I want an average computer with some basic requirements that are important for gaming and will do the work. Requirements include processor, ram, and memory which handle all my gaming data.
The moment when I’m going to own a computer, I will proceed to edge my online earning with online gaming. It’s also fine to own a computer to a fresh mood by watching movies or anything which feel you relax.
I feel distressed many times because I know I can earn very much with my gaming skill and also sell it on freelance global market. But I can’t do this till now due to not having a computer. I always figure the ways to get my own computer and begin my journey as a gamer. I get noticed that many people who own their own computer making a fine amount of Dollars by playing online games. There are also many people who opted for this as a full-time job while sitting in there home. I can not able to do this just because I do not have a computer which makes me so depressed.
Now I took it up and playing games on my mobile phone. I can see my bright future in this field. But my major issue is not having a computer. I’m in awful need of a computer to build up my game and polish it well to take it on another level.
I’m begging for a computer to use it for my gaming. I plan to learn more skills like codding, website designing, app development, and making websites.
I beg for a computer because I know to learn all these skills will increase my income and take out my deprivation. I cannot study these skills with my mobile phone. Only a good processing computer can help me now. If you do this for me, I’ll be very thankful for this favor.
I’m sure my life will definitely change in a great way.

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