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I beg for a Canon EOS 90D camera.

Camera is a device that can capture any motion. The motion captured by the camera is called photograph which is mostly known as photo. Cameras catches the light reflected by any object and save the moment forever. Now a days almost every person in this world is familiar with the word “camera”.

The Canon EOS 90D contains TTL-CT-SIR with a CMOS sensor, 32.5 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor camera, quick control screen, 170-degree viewing angle, iTR focus tracking, 4K filmmaking, up to 17mm focal length, 3:2 aspect ratio, built-in wi-fi and bluetooth technology, 3 seconds built-in flash recycle time, compatible external flash, etc. It provides such a great specification.

Canon EOS 90D is mostly used for wild life photography. I am really very interested in it. I want to be a professional wild life photographer but I don’t have a professional. I really need a professional camera to start my career as a wild life photographer.
The Sundarban is a jungle in my country Bangladesh and it is famous in all over the world for Royal Bengal Tiger. i want to show the world more about it. For that I need a camera. I will publish my in famous newspapers. I will send my photos to all the famous magazine companies who are working for wild animals. One day my photos will be found in big magazines cover or in famous news articles.
For doing all those dreams I have to take all necessary steps as soon as possible. I have to do all my studies and complete all my courses. But at first I need a professional DSLR camera. I have done all my research and I found Canon EOS 90D perfect for me and my type of work. I really need that camera.
The camera costs around 1,400 USD and I can’t afford it. I am an ordinary student and I won’t have that much earning and my family doesn’t support me to do photography. They think Photography is a risky career option. As their opinion photography as a career is not established properly in our country. Actually they don’t care about international market. Internationally photography have a great wide market. But my family doesn’t care it. They show me the domestic market where photography is not established properly yet. If o get a camera and I start earning by professional photography my family will start to support me.
I want to be a professional wild life photographer. My dream is to turn our domestic photography market into a great market with lot of opportunities. So that no one like me have to suffer all these. I will reach another level with photography. I want to be the inspiration for all the young kids out there who dreamed to be a photographer.
To do all these I need a camera for me. I want to turn my dream into reality. For this I really need a camera and I found Canon EOS 90d perfect for me. This camera is really good for wild life photography and this is just perfect for me. SO, I am badly in need of this camera.

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