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I beg for A camera

Doing what you love is called passion while loving what you do is called Happiness and that is the case of photography to me. Photography is what I love to do most but I hate what I am doing with it. You may be surprised or confused with what I said but I have my reason which I am about to reveal now. A camera would make me derive happiness in photography. I need a brand new camera to become a perfect and happy photographer. I learned photography ten years ago after graduating from high school because I couldn’t further my education since I have no one to sponsor me and I was brought up in an orphanage home. Everybody loves my work so much because I am very good at it and I am the best among the apprentice. Any picture I take gets a good review from the customers after seeing it. My outstanding works drove more customers to my photography studio. I received invitation from people for their birthday shoot, modelling shoot, wedding shoot and many more.

Through the profit earned from the photography business, I bought a new camera. I was very happy with the work I was doing but my other colleagues in the studio were jealous of me. One of them snatched it from me angrily and smashed it on the floor. I was sad to see the camera spoilt. I observed that it was two wires that were disconnected in it. As I got home, I reconnected the two wires and got the camera fixed. One day, I got to the photography studio and I was shocked to see that the whole place was burned to ashes. I looked for my camera and I discovered that it had been destroyed by the fire. I went back home to search for my old camera and I found it. A day later, I got a call from my master to replace him at a rich man’s daughter birthday. On getting to the venue, I tried to test my camera before the start of the party when the camera went off immediately. I quickly called my master to inform about the camera. He was highly disappointed but still managed to borrow a camera for me. I took many shots and showed it to the celebrant. She really loved it and her father was very happy with it. The man gave my boss double wages of work done but I wasn’t given any share of the wage. He told me that he had used the money to pay the camera rentage. That was why I concluded that i am not finding any happiness in photography but I believe that having my own camera would make more skillful and successful. I wish to buy the camera for myself but I am poor and I have no one to help me and that has brought me here. The camera you buy for me will definitely do something great in my life. I sincerely need your help. Thanks so much.

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