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I beg for a bottle of maple syrup.

Hi,I would like to preface this by saying I am not Canadian and so my love for maple syrup is a bit of an abnormality and something that I cannot easily indulge in. When growing up I had met a Canadian that was living in my home country of South Africa and they had brought maple syrup with them from Canada. Since that time, I have always been fond of maple syrup, but my friend and I have become distant as we have grown up and gone our separate ways. So that is what has led me to be requesting maple syrup from a stranger online and not from my childhood friend, Christina.

Maple syrup is a peculiar type of comfort food for me, as I have not had it in years and miss it’s sweet but treelike flavour. It is an odd but fantastic taste which I truly love but cannot have given my current situation. I have moved from South Africa to Vietnam, where I now live and have been attempting to work as an English teacher. However, schools have been closed here due to the pandemic and I have been unable to earn an income in my time here. My laptop has recently broken which has made remote work next to impossible, so I am left with only my phone. Most social establishments are closed, making it extremely difficult to make friends, and my finances are all but used up, so now I have become a small ball of stress.

While Vietnam has many South African expats and some very homely comfort foods, it is maple syrup and pancakes that I am craving and that I believe would be the comfort food to soothe my stressed-out soul. I am well aware that beggars can’t be choosers which is why I will ask for a specific brand but it is absolutely okay if you cannot find it, the brand Christina gave me was “president’s choice,” she had told me she found it to be such a funny brand because Canada doesn’t have a president, so how did the president make the choice! While I state pancakes are what I crave, the endless uses for maple syrup like maple balsamic salmon, maple syrup in coffee, and even a tiny bit on vanilla ice cream, are running through my self isolated mind all day and driving me wild.

I have not seen or found any Canadian food restaurants or grocers in Vietnam which is what makes getting maple syrup so challenging and even more desirable at the moment. Moreover, it is an expensive product that I could not afford even if I were to find it here as I have no income.

If you could send me a bottle of maple syrup or even direct me in the right direction to get some myself, I would be overjoyed and extremely thankful.

Thank you for reading my plea, I hope someone out there can help me.

Have a great day!

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