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I beg for a bipolar mug

I love coffee so much, so I value having a good mug especially if it had meaning written or visualized on it. You can see that I’ve mentioned a Bipolar disorder mug, the image shows one such example of a mug that says bipolar without text (Polar bear to represent the polar in “Bipolar” and two heads as two means Bi”).

So, what is bipolar disorder? It is a mental illness I was diagnosed with around 2 years ago. I hope you know what mental illness is; no not a psycho; but it is a mental sickness as opposed to physical sickness and I’ll tell you more about this shortly. According to the World Health Organization, one in six individuals suffer from mental health worldwide so it’s a huge number already that you should not take pride if you know nothing on the topic.

Bipolar disorder is just one type of mental illness, or mood disorder specifically, but you’ve got a wide range that you’ve probably experienced one or more already. Anxiety, depression, eating disorder are amongst those. Who doesn’t feel anxious, depressed, angry, elevated, etc. from time to time? We all do but the difference here is that for some people, this is experienced more often, sometimes for no real reason and generally does not help with functioning normally on a day-to-day basis.

For example, if someone dies its normal to be sad or even depressed for a while. But if your depression symptoms occur even when there is no event leading to it then something is wrong. Same goes for anxiety, anger, and other feelings/states.

Suppose I am a person with an anxious nature, and you are someone with anxiety disorder then what worries me a little bit could freak you out. When I work or attend to my daily activities, my anxiety would not stop me from pursuing things well. But for you, it’s a totally different story. Your anxiety can affect your focus at work, your interaction with others, your behavior and your decisions and therefore it’s very important to self-check if the symptoms you have hinder your ability to function normally? If they do, then you need help. A well-known psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist can provide a proper diagnosis and as a result you’d be on meds, therapy or both.

In my case, I have always questioned why I think or act the way I do. Why am I not focused at work today? Why am I not doing my best to finish this task? Am I lazy? Am I not good enough? Why am I unable to control my focus? My mood? and so on.

Don’t go paranoid about it because for many cases, the diagnosis could be one or more of: lazy, careless, selfish. It’s not all mental illness so take it seriously only if it is affecting your way of life and you really can’t control it.

I beg you to increase your awareness on the topic, to seek help when you need it and reach out to me anytime for you’re not alone!
I also beg you for a bipolar mug to enjoy a better day with my morning coffee and I thank you so much in advance.


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