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I beg for a Bike

Begging for a bike
I am an illiterate person and do not have any skill to buy the bike for myself, I don’t have enough money to purchase and I want a bike so that I can find my daily wages easily. I do not own a house and living in a rented house. It is very difficult for me to pay a house rant and that’s why I am not able to buy myself.

We are three family members in my house and there is no living standard we are just passing our life, we don’t have basic necessities for our life and we are living below the poor line. As I heard many times in the newspapers, news channels programs regarding human right activist that everyone has the right to live freely and has the right of all basic necessities.

But I don’t understand, what they did, just taking and nothing, they just speak in the media and even they don’t know how many people can get 3 times food daily, how many people don’t have the roof to live and how many people don’t have basic necessities to live there comfortably.

Someone thoughts that bike is not a necessity, but can someone defined how a luxurious car would be a necessity. People who have wealth maintained luxurious cars and they live full of life and they have more than their basic necessities for their life if a car is just a necessity so why they maintained a luxurious car, why they don’t buy a simple car if a car just a necessity.
In this whole world, the problem of unequal distribution of wealth creates such problems, someone has enough that they live a luxurious life and some don’t have enough that they don’t have at least food for themselves and for their children’s. I just want a bike for my daily wages so that I can feed my family easily.

I begged many times from the persons who are enough able to provide me a bike but I also tried to my owner sometimes but he refused, he said you have not required any bike, you can do your work without a bike but daily wagers are not permanent employment, today I am working here and next day I don’t know where I find my wages.

There are some government schemes in the past that they provide taxis for the needy person so that they can live their life and increase their standard of living by carrying a taxi. But they demanded a driving license and I do have any driving license because I could not drive, I just thought to learn driving but when I enquire about driving fees, I would not be able to learn.

This is what I did beg for the bike but I am not able to get my ride which is very necessary for my life so that I can be able to get my wages daily and I would be able to find my wages without any difficulty. This bike is not a luxury for me because I can’t understand how the bike would be luxurious for a lower-class family.

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