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I beg for a bed shaker

Having a guaranteed way to wake up at the time you need is a bliss! Apparently, an alarm would do the job for you. But what if you can’t hear the alarm? One reason could be heavy sleep, and another could be hearing loss.

In case you’re a heavy sleeper, maybe a super loud alarm can wake you up or most probably wake everyone else in the house and then you’d bet no one would go back to sleep until you’ve woken up, they won’t have their sleep disturbed over nothing! What about hearing loss?

Hearing loss, hearing impairment or hard of hearing has many different levels from mild, moderate to severe, profound and finally deaf. If you’re a person with a hearing impairment, then you most probably put on a pair of hearing aids or just one. And when you go to sleep, you’d probably want to take them off your ears for relaxation. A hearing aid worn all day long does not provide much freedom to your ears until you wear them off.

Sleeping without your hearing aids if you have mild to moderate hearing loss, might still help you hear the alarm if it’s very loud but for more severe cases of hearing loss, you hear only when your hearing aids are on and an alarm would be of no use. Again, someone can wake you up and the job is done.

But you can’t always rely on having someone to wake you up. Neither is keeping the hearing aids on all night a good idea because you might still fall into deep sleep and miss the sound of the alarm or you’d wake up but with tired ears.

So, what do you do? One good idea is a bed shaker. When someone tries to wake you up, they probably shake you till they wake you. This is the same thing, but this time a device will wake you up and you won’t interrupt anyone’s sleep- they’ll thank you for it!

If I put this device under a pillow or on it and it’s a strong shaker, then the vibration will be strong enough to wake me up and no one else.

Before knowing such a thing existed, I used to adjust the alarm and put it under my pillow knowing that I will not be able to hear it, but my sister will. She’d then desperately get up and keep hoovering around me to reach for the pillow and stop the alarm and by the time she does that, I’d get up.
That must have been torturing – although fun memories when I think of them now!

So, when I heard about the bed shakers, I thought they’re very useful and interesting to have.

I am looking forward to sleeping without worry and waking up alone with confidence. Enjoying fresh hours of sleep and not waking anyone up while I do.

So here I am, begging you for a bed shaker and I thank you so much in advance.

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