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I beg for a beard trimmer

People like to give good looks. It is in human nature. The more appealing look you give, the more people will attract you. The stylish appearance is appreciated by everyone. Some people like to grow their beards. Some people like to trim theirs at a specific time and after a specific duration. A beard trimmer is used to trim beard.

I beg for a beard trimmer. I do not have a beard trimmer. I live in a village. My village is a background area. The literacy rate is very low here. People do not care much about their health. I cannot buy a new trimmer as I belong to a poor family. We usually have to go to a barber to get our beard trimmed. You know a barber has only one trimmer machine and he uses the same machine on all the people who come to him to get their beard trimmed. Some of those people are clean. Some of them usually remain dirty because they work in soil and they take care of their animals. Chances of infection increase if I get my beard trimmed by the trimmer of that barber.

If I get my own trimmer, first of all, I shall learn how to use it. After learning it, I will trim my beard. I will be able to trim my beard as much as I want. I will be able to make it short, lengthy, or medium. Having my own trimmer will help me to save my time because I will be able to trim my beard at the time when I shall be free from all other chores. Time is precious. If I save my time, I will be able to use that time in other useful and healthy activities.

A hair trimmer is used for short hair. It gives you feature to make different styles of your beard. Trimmer also gives a clean shave look. I shall use it for this purpose too. Styling is the most important feature when you choose a trimmer.

Trimmer makes your skin smooth. Using trimmer instead of a blade is far better. Some blades are not of good quality. They can damage the skin. Skin is the clearest and visual part of the human body. If there is a defect in skin, no one will see you with positive vibes. So to make sure the safety of my skin, I want to have a trimmer. Trimmer is less aggressive than a blade. It works more efficiently. It is better for sensitive skin. My skin is sensitive.

A trimmer has its battery. I shall be able to use it anytime and anywhere. If I go to my relatives to stay for some days, I shall take my trimmer with me so that I may use it there to get my beard trimmed.

Some trimmers are waterproof. I want a waterproof trimmer so that I may use it without any tension. I will be able to trim my beard while in the shower. Having my own trimmer will make my life easy.

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