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I beg for A Baking Pan

A baking pan is a kitchen equipment used for baking sweet cakes, creamy bread rolls, crunchy cookies and other tasty pastries. Baking pans are typically made of stainless steel or aluminum steel materials. They are found in many sizes, shapes and serve varieties of purposes. The big-sized pans are used in industrial kitchens to make bread rolls and pastries. In a household kitchen, smaller baking pans are used.

I am a baker in need of a baking pan. A baking pan is very important to any baker. Without one, it is seemingly impossible to bake. I am currently in my first year in college where I am studying Food Science. I cannot afford to buy a baking pan for myself because it is very expensive. My grandmother lives in the village with my little sister. She cannot provide a baking pan for me too. I am a passionate baker who is currently not having a pleasant time baking.

I am an independent, committed person and I love to try out new things. I enjoy cooking and that is my driving force to be a baker. As a little child, I remember disturbing my grandmother to buy flour, sugar and margarine for me. After visiting my best friend and helping her mother to bake cookies, I resolved to be the greatest baker alive. My grandmother finally bought the ingredients one Tuesday evening and I made the most horrible chocolate cake on earth. I have not lost my dream of becoming the greatest baker alive. I do not make horrible cakes again. I make only sweet, tasty, creamy cakes.

I love baking sweet chocolate, vanilla and red velvet cakes. I sell cupcakes in my hostel. This is my own way of taking care of my basic needs in school. The money I make from my sales is usually not enough to sustain me, talk more about buying a pan. Baking is a very important part of my life. No hobby gives me joy like baking. It is very dear to my heart.

Every baker wants to own their property and use it as they wish. Not every baker is lucky to buy the one equipment to really make delicious pastries. My inability to buy a baking pan affects me badly. Every time I bake, I always have to borrow my neighbor’s pan. It is not all the time she gives without saying some derogatory words to me. Some days, I end up not baking making my customers disappointed and not very pleased with me.

If I get this baking pan from you, my joy will know no bounds. It will help me make more tasty cupcakes for my customers. I also hope to go to a bakery school if I am able to save reasonable amounts of money. I desire to learn more cake designs and recipes and become that greatest baker. Getting a baking pan from you will make these wishes of mine come to pass. I am hopeful that I will get a positive feedback from you. Thank you.


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