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I beg for a backpack

A backpack is a very useful thing for people who have to carry things with them often. Backpacks are most commonly used by students who go to school, college or university. It is used by students to store their books, notebooks, important papers, stationery, etc. With a backpack, you can carry all your stuff comfortably without any hassle.

I am a student and right now I study in a college. I used to have a bag that I bought eight years ago, and I have been using that bag all the time for a few weeks ago. Since I had been using the bag for so much time, the fabric beneath it had weakened due to a load of all the books and notebooks. And one day when I came back home from college, my backpack suddenly tore from the bottom and all my books fell down. And since then I do not have any backpack to wear to my college. My financial condition is not very stable, and I can’t afford to buy a new backpack for myself. I took a lot of care of my previous bag and therefore it lasted for eight long years. But everything has a due date, and so did my bag. And when my bag could not hold on the weight of my books anymore, it got torn. And now, even after stitching it, it’s still useless.

I really need a backpack because I have to carry so many books and notebooks to my college. My college doesn’t even offer any lockers for storing books. Therefore, I have to carry all of them with me while going to college. I have been bringing my books and notebooks to college in a plastic bag in the past few days, this is how miserable my condition is right now.

Now when I can’t resist it anymore, I decided to come here and beg for a backpack. I am begging for a backpack because I really need one right now. My old bag is useless now and so I need another backpack to bring all my books and stationery to college. Any bag will do. You can either send me a used one or buy me a new one, I won’t mind. I just need a bag desperately right now. I tried bringing my stuff to college in a plastic bag but that was not only extremely embarrassing, but all my class fellows mocked me for doing that. I would appreciate it if someone could help me at this time of need. As I have also received a warning from my teacher that I have to wear a bag to school or else they won’t let me in. because bringing plastic bags to school is “not allowed nor is it in our policy,” as the teachers told me.

I would be glad if someone could give me a used or a new backpack. I really need a backpack for wearing to college and therefore, I am begging for a backpack.

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