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I beg for a 3 piece suit

A suit reflects professionalism wherever you go. If you wearing a 3-piece suit with a tie, then it shows that you are a serious person. Whenever a person goes for a job interview he usually wear a suit just to have a visual impression on the interviewer. If someone goes in a casual or a semi-formal dress than he may get rejection just on the basis of his suiting.
I recently went for an interview at a firm where I was judged for my appearance. I did not have a suit to wear for the interview so I went in a jeans and a formal shirt. But, I got a hint as soon as I entered the Interviewers’ Room that he did not like my dressing. He seemed very uninterested in my skills and the whole interview after that. I tried my best to secure a job by doing my best in the interview but unfortunately I was rejected due to the fact that I was not wearing a suit in a professional environment.
I went to the nearby suiting shop on the next day just to find out that how much a suit costs. It vanished all my hopes to buy a suit for an interview. Our family’s monthly income was somewhere near to the price of a 3 piece suit. I gave a few more interviews but all in vain. Nobody cared about my education or skills but rejected me solely on the basis of my dressing.
Hailing from a poor family I had nothing to wear but some old clothes which I used to wash to look good during Interview. I want to support my family by securing a job at some good organization. But it seems impossible to get pass interview without a suit.
I am writing this begging article so that someone from the world reads my story and donates me a 3 piece suit so that I can make myself able to earn something out of a job. A suit will help me a lot in the Interview as I have an excellent transcript in my degree which I did on a scholarship. I can definitely excel in my career once I get a chance.
I am looking forward to a great response from the rich people around the world who can help me buying a suit. It would be a great gesture of generosity from your end which can make my career. I am posting it on internet so that it will reach in every corner of the world wherever there is internet connectivity. I am posting it from my neighbor’s old smartphone because I do not have a smartphone. It is very difficult to upload this on the internet, because the internet here is still 2g which takes a lot of time to upload anything. We live in a far flung area of Pakistan where there is no income source except farming that too is for those who own a land, rest of us just work for land owner

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