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I beg for a New Violin


Music refreshes our minds; music helps us to lead a lively life and music retouches our souls. Personally, I believe that music can change our lives and bring joy, what we’re always seeking. As a music lover, I have always felt a special bonding with music and it gives me a huge inspiration in my daily life. I listen to different types of music consistently. Every time I listen, I discovered something new. I don’t know exactly what it is but it definitely feels awesome. For example, when I listen to a violin, I can’t explain what’s going on inside me.

I write original songs and can tune it via guitar as I can play the guitar very well. I want to create some composition using both the guitar and violin. I want to be a songwriter and music composer. Before that, I want to learn the violin so that I can produce some heart-touching music but unfortunately, I’m unable to purchase a new and fresh one cause my family’s financial circumstance is very poor and we’re in great pressure. That’s why I’m begging for a violin from you. If I get a fresh violin, I can start from scratch to master it and can create some refreshing, pleasant music. Music is like worship to me, without it I’m nothing and alone. When My mind gets nervous or becomes depressed only music can heal that problem and give me a new life. I think most of the people will agree with me in this case that music has a magical-healing power that can remove any kind of mental disturbance and psychical tiredness. I always believe in one thing that who doesn’t listen to music, can’t be a human cause they have no soul to feel that heavenly creation. Music spreads happiness and light in our life. Recently I had lost my guitar, it has broken and I have no other musical instruments to play that’s why I am far away from music for a long time. I want to get back my moments of music once again. This time I want to start by violin and I’m begging for one. I am very much depressed now and can’t be attentive to anything.

I have asked many people to help me to get a violin for me but no one cares about my passion, my dreams they just laughed. Music has a divine power to gain peoples’ hearts and it’s the specialty of it. Violin has the same power to express the feelings and told a story through music. I just want to express the exact thing through my creativity which I have. It will help me to attain people’s hearts. In this modern world winning someone’s mind is not so easy and It’s very much difficult to entertain others. But through music, I can do it and I have a firm belief in myself. I want to see others happy, to remove their pain form their mind by healing their heart via music. If I am able to do it, it will make me happy too. Lastly, to do this whole thing I just beg a violin from you and I’ll be grateful to you forever.

I beg for German Puppy


Animals are like our friends and I really love them. I always felt connected to them. They can understand our emotions specially a dog can better understand it. It is the emotional connection what we are always looking for and a dog is the most obedient creature to his master that’s why I really like them. A dog always listens to his masters’ order and pay a great tribute. One day I was jogging in the park, suddenly I saw a man who was there for doing exercise too along with his pet dog. Then I saw the gentleman was giving some kind of orders to his companion to stand there in a particular place until he gives it an indication to move. It amazed me when I saw the exact thing happening Infront of my eyes because It was nearly eight- or nine-months puppy. Having a friend like an obedient dog will certainly help me.

I work for the homeless, orphan, street dogs. I help people to adopt these dogs by contacting with them. I have a wish to buy a German puppy but I don’t have enough money or a stable job form where I can collect a big amount to by the puppy. It also very much costly in our country so, it’s impossible for me to buy one. One also feels secure when he or she has an obedient companion like a pet dog. I want to nurture a puppy and want to make friendship with it. I can pass my time by having this kind of fruitful friend plus I will get extra security form it. Actually, we all should love dogs and adopt them with full responsibility to give them a better life. I believe humanity is beneath under the kindness. Everyone should be kind not only to dogs but also to all the creatures. If we can give shelter to an orphan dog, God will definitely be pleased with us.

I want to adopt a German puppy and I’m begging for it to you. For doing this great work I need your help to fulfill my dream. With animals like dogs, I had a great bonding from my childhood. When I was an elementary school student, I was very affectionate to dogs and I planned to adopt a puppy from the street around the school. I told some of my friends to help me getting one puppy. After searching three days later we had found a little puppy. I made an arrangement for nurturing that puppy very carefully with the help of my friends and parents though I hadn’t enough money at that time too but somehow, I managed it. It gives me the inspiration to live when I can help a homeless dog and It gives me reliefs too. Every creature has the right to live their own life and we have to make sure that they can get it. We need to be more human to those lovely creatures specially to dogs. I’m begging for your help to fulfill my wish to have my dreamed puppy.

I beg for A Samsung Smartphone


Samsung is one of the best leading tech giants. They are innovative and very much passionate about their customers. They always bring new technology in the smartphone market around the globe. The hype of a Samsung product is unbelievable as they produce high-quality devices with the latest technology. Recently, They grow their market in most of the regions. For this astonishing brand reputation, everyone likes their products and has a strong faith in them. Smartphone has a great impact on our daily lives. Billions of people are using their smartphones to complete their necessary tasks. It’s a great weapon in this modern world and without it, we can not go ahead a second further. For university students, it’s mandatory to have a smartphone so that they can communicate easily with their peers or teachers to get the latest update on any significant issue or do other extras via that device.

I beg for a Samsung smartphone as now, I’m facing the same problem because I have no personal computer or laptop to do the daily tasks, assignments, communicate with others, and not be able to join online classes. I have a phone but it doesn’t work properly as it fell into the water. I used to do all kinds of necessary works through this device. Now it’s damaged and I’m in great pressure. I lag for this crucial reason in this pandemic. I have no other options to tackle this situation as my family is also unable to buy me a brand new smartphone. My father is jobless because of the pandemic. We are facing a financial crisis too. I have a few relatives but no one willing to pay for this especially, at this crisis moment. I have already missed so many classes, not been able to join online, and can’t even submit my works. I don’t know what to do. I badly need a smartphone as soon as possible. The current situation is not in control because the COVID-19 virus is still spreading in various regions and affects lots of people. At this point, after reviewing this current situation there is no chance to open all the educational institutions in our country. Everything goes through online and the format of the course material has been changed too as per the online system. So, I have no other choice to avoid online classes, If I do it’ll hamper my entire career. I don’t want to face any problem. I just want to carry on. That’s why I’m begging for a smartphone to give some hope to my problems. If you provide me a smartphone I can do my online classes once again and can get busy with all of my works. Please, help me to get rid of this situation and I’ll be grateful to you forever. Now I’m very much depressed as no one is willing to help me to overcome the loss I already have. But I will wait for that novel, kind-hearted person who will definitely help me to get a smartphone.

I beg for a full set of Cricket Equipment


Cricket is a popular game. It is played between two teams. Each team consists of eleven players. It is directly connected with our emotions. When some young men play for their country and represent it globally, We become emotionally attached and started feeling proud too. I am a cricket freak and I love to play and watch cricket. I have started watching cricket since 2006 and after some time when I understand the basics, I started playing too with my friends. There is a saying that cricket is a gentlemen’s game. I believe that it’s true. In 2007, t-20 Worldcup was arranged in South Africa. I enjoyed that tournament especially the Indian team’s performance was outstanding. Yuvraj Singh played his career-best tournament ever, even I have never witnessed that type of blasting performance what he consistently did.

Cricket has always inspired me. It gives a lot of fun to enjoy every moment. From this inspiration, I had started playing cricket regularly. When I was in class seven in elementary school I joined the schools’ cricket club. My school cricket club Has done a great favor on me especially Mr. Saharun Sir, he helped me a lot to learn and practice cricket in an efficient way. Later, I had joined a local private club to learn and practice cricket. After I passed the twelfth grade I get myself admitted into a university. As I have relevant skill sets my dept recommends my name to the university cricket club to give me their membership and an opportunity to represent my university. Now I play for my university team as an allrounder. Recently I am facing a problem with the required pieces of equipment as I own no personal equipment. I have found no sponsor. I need a full set of necessary cricket equipment to carry on my journey.

I am begging for a set of cricket equipment. As an aspiring cricketer, I badly need that equipment to continue my practice and play for my university team. But I can not help to start playing without that equipment. I feel ashamed because everyone has their own things without me. Without cricket I’m nothing. I want to build a strong career as a cricketer and my family needs me to help them. So, it’s very significant for me to try my best from my end. I like to entertain people by giving an extraordinary performance like Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Virat Kholi and M.S Dhoni, etc. I have learned cricked by watching these legends. They are my idols. I worship their playing style. A new set of equipment will boost up my current situation. I am looking forward to some kind person who wants to help me and will provide an opportunity to grow with my skill sets. Once again for the last time, I’m begging for your help so that I can overcome this harsh situation and establish my career. God will help you too anyway and I’ll pray for your best luck.

I beg for Football Jersey

Football or association football is the world’s most popular sport. The sport is played with two teams of 11 players. The sports are very famous and the leagues and competitions that are being made for this sport are followed and watched by millions of fans worldwide. Thus, sports has generated millions of dollars each year in terms of stadium tickets, TV advertisement, merchandise sales, and many more. Examples of the famous league are English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, and Italian Serie A. These leagues and the teams that compete in it are extremely good and fun to watch. Furthermore, many world-class players are playing in these leagues and their performance never fails to entertain and captivate fans worldwide. For example, the player likes Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, and Jan Oblak is very famous. Their performance in the pitch never fails to attract fans. That’s why I am deeply interested in this sport. Ever since I watch this sport during the 2006 World Cup, I immediately fall in love with it. You can say that this sport already become a big part of my life.
If we talk about football we cannot avoid talking about the many jerseys being produced by the teams. This jersey not only acts as a symbol of their team but also as their pride in the club. That’s why many fans will not fail to buy and wear their favorite club jersey. However, I was a casual fans never find the attraction of buying the jersey. I only love to watch football match no matter what team is playing and no matter what league it is being played at. I simply love football. This change however when I start watching the match of Leeds United. The club which currently plays in Championship level in England manage to attract my attention with their playing their style. Not to mention their manager Marcelo Bielsa is interesting to watch. The journey of watching these small club battles for promotion is without doubt the most exciting feeling I ever had in my life. In a way, their struggle and effort become my daily inspiration to improve and always be better in my daily life. However, even then I have never felt the need to buy a jersey.
Now, Leeds United has finally gained promotion for the top-level English football which the English Premier League. The joy and excitement when hearing the news is unexplainable. This moment marks the first time in my life that I truly want to buy a football jersey. However, it is not easy to find quality and authentic football jersey for the club. Especially not in my country. My country is mostly dominated by fans of clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool. Therefore, it is hard to find the jersey for small clubs like Leeds United. I have tried many ways to find it but fail. That’s why I sincerely begging if someone can buy Leeds United jersey for me. The jersey specification must be:
: Size M
: Long Sleeve
: Authentic Jersey
: High Quality
: If possible the 2020/2021 version also for EPL

I beg for Suzuki Hayabusa or as known as GSX1300R Sportbike Motorcycle.

The motorcycle is one of the most popular vehicles that has been used all around the world. The vehicle is also important for human beings to get mobility, it will help us to move from one place to another. Motorcycle or commonly called motorbike is a two-wheeled vehicle and sometimes it also can be found as three-wheeled vehicles. There are also many purposes of this motorcycle, which is we can use it for long-distance or short distance travel, cruising, and sports such as motor racing or even off-road riding. There are many types of motorcycles, three major types of the motorcycle are streets motorcycle, off-road and dual-purpose motorcycle which is can be used in the racing track and in the streets.
Suzuki GSX1300R or commonly called Suzuki Hayabusa is one of the famous motorbikes all around the world. This Suzuki Hayabusa has been manufactured by the Suzuki Motor Corporation. Previously, the top speed capability of the Suzuki Hayabusa is 303KM/h-312KM/h but after several issues regarding the limitation of speed that resulting in the banning of these sportbikes by the European Manufacturer the speed of this sportbike has been reduced to 299KM/h. Due to the speed capability, this Suzuki Hayabusa has been claimed as the world’s fastest production motorcycle. Suzuki Hayabusa is also one of the top choices of the sportbikes user for the street bike customization due to several unique features of this sport bikes which is instantly recognizable bodywork, easy for the tenability of the engine, and a wide choice of selection for the aftermarket parts. Even though the Suzuki Hayabusa has been 20 years in the market, but it still becomes the famous sport bikes all around the world. It is because it is very suitable for the person who loves the speed vehicle and these sport bikes are commonly used for the sport purpose and the unique shape of the sportbikes that easily to be recognized. There are a few special specs on the Suzuki Hayabusa which is the engine that has been used for the Suzuki Hayabusa is In-Line four-cylinder, liquid-cooled and double overhead camshaft (DOHC). For the front bike, they using the Brembo Monobloc Radial-mount 4-piston calipers, Dual 310 mm floating discs with anti-lock braking system (ABS). For the front suspension, they using the 43mm KYB inverted diamond-like coated (DLC) fork with adjustable compression and rebound damping and spring preload. For the person who likes to travel on a long journey, it is very suitable for choosing the Suzuki Hayabusa for their vehicle it is because it has 21-liter fuel tank capacity. All of these special specs are the most favorable specs for the bikers all around the world.
The reason that I begging for this Suzuki Hayabusa sportbikes is because of the unique design of the sportbikes body. This body design is very unique and has been acknowledged by many people all around the world. Since I am also a university student I need to be able to move from my home to the campus daily. My home is also quite far from the University, it took about 25 minutes to reach my University with the busy traffic condition. Based on that reason I think this kind of sportbike is very suitable for me to reach my University quicker. The specs of this sportbike also show that the high sustainability of the sportbike which is this type of sportbikes can be used for a long time of period without any problem in them. Another reason why I am begging on the Suzuki Hayabusa is it is one of my dreams since I am a teenager to get my own Suzuki Hayabusa. I always follow the current development of the manufacturing of the Suzuki Hayabusa. I also used to save my pocket money to buy this sportbike when I was a teenager, but unfortunately, I have to use all of my savings for other purposes such as emergency purposes. When there is an emergency, I have to use all of my savings money for that purpose and due to that, I cannot have enough money until now to buy this sportbike. I am also one of the people who like to follow motorbikes events and tours. Since I have a deep interest in motorbikes, I think it is very suitable for me to possess my own sportbikes such as Suzuki Hayabusa in order to be able to become a part of the member of the motorbikes club in my states.

I beg for Books, The Reflection of a Man I & II by Mr. Amari Soul.

Mr. Amari Soul is an author that wrote books about the relationships between men and women but what I truly love about his books is that it was so inspiring especially for the women to know that she worth more than she ever think and it helps to build self-esteem of a women when it is concerning the love relationship or the men itself. I have read some of the quotes that are written inside the books and it was so inspiring as well as it touches my heart and my mind. There are some parts that I agreed with the author and I believe that reading these two books will help me in opening up my view on the relationship itself. I do not mean that my view on relationship between men and women will solely base on these books, but these books will help me to gain more insight of it and it will add up to my knowledge concerning the relationships between men and women.

One of the quotes from the books is “Never settle for a man who is only there for you when it’s convenient for him; that’s not love. When a man truly loves you, he’s there for you when you need him… even when it’s not convenient (Soul, 2020).” This statement, I am truly agreed with it and I believe that women out there who feels lost sometimes because of the feeling of fighting for a love that exhausted one’s mind, feeling and emotions need to read and hear this statement, they need someone to tell them that they shall stay only for those who deserve and appreciate them, be with them through their up and downs in life because it is a fact, when you truly love someone the right way, then you will be there through their ups and downs, no matter what happened in your life, that is love in the right way. If you ask me what is love in the right way, then I will tell you that love in the right way is when you love yourselves in the right way aka self-love. Self-love lets you love someone without mistreating them and self-love comes from self-esteem. Self-esteem can be build by reading these books as it encourage women or even men to love one another in the right sense of way.

The total cost for these two books is $29.97 in US dollar and in my currency in Malaysia which is in ringgit (RM), it cost around Rm127.75 which is a lot for me as I am still a student and being a student I am in need of money for my daily expenses, books expenses and etcetera. Plus the fact due to the previous Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, our economy suffers quite a bit and during that time the income is not stable for its citizen and I could not possible ask my parents for the money for it when its not a necessity for me. So, I hope that through this, I could at least achieve my dream of owning these two books and be able to make it as a part of my books collection as well as a medium for me to gain more knowledge and insight of all. That is all I am hoping for and I will like to thank in advance, to those who will make my dream comes true. Thank you.

I beg for High-Quality Laptop

Laptop by definition is a portable personal computer powered by a battery with an AC cord to be plugged into an electrical outlet when the battery needed to be charged and have an attached keyboard as well as a touchpad, trackball, or isometric joystick to be used for navigation and it is available with a thin display screen that is attached to the laptop and can be folded flat so that it will be portable and convenient to bring it anywhere you need and wants to (Bucki, 2019).

I beg for a high-quality laptop for several reasons and firstly, I need it for my study life, for me to be able to do my university assignments easier and it will be convenient for me for when it will not crash in any way when it is a critical time such as being unable to save my assignment when it is stuck or when I urgently need to do my assignment and submit it as soon as possible but then it crashes, these situations will be one of the worst-case scenario to ever be happening in my life as the worst case will if I lost my entire progress of the assignment if ever the laptop cause trouble or any sort of problems.

Second, the reason I need a high-quality laptop will be because I need it for my gaming. Gaming for me is the way I soothe my stress when I am overwhelmed with my assignments or even when I am stress over situations in my social life or even it helps me when I am bored as well as keeps my mind occupied with interest rather than overthinking and leading to a worse situation especially in the issue of mental health. For me gaming is my way of expressing myself in a way, that I am not allowed to and through gaming, I can be me that may not be okay to be express in the real world but in the game world such as through the Sims 4, I can be me that maybe sassy or even a bit evil which I am not in real life, it is like I can unleash my alter ego as well as my bad side in a way that it would not cause any harm to other and it helps me to be in control of myself a bit more as I have the right medium to soothe myself when I am about to lose control over whatever problem I have.

Third, I need a high-quality laptop as a place for me to store all my pictures, videos, documents that are personal and private to me without needing to clear it out when I only have a few of it just because of storage issues and so on. A high-quality laptop will also help me to easily retrieve as well as keep well my memories through the pictures and videos of me, my friends, and families.
Fourth, a high-quality laptop will help me in a way that it will ease all my performances issues and battery issues as I will be able to do my work on laptop without needing to worry for its battery or needing to worry for its to suddenly crash when I am doing my job.

All in all, these are my reason why I beg for a high-quality laptop and I hope that my beg for a high-quality laptop will come true and helps me in many ways as possible. I will like to say thanks in advance and thank you for everything.


I beg for a Running Shoes

Running is one of the best ways to exercise and lose weight. Furthermore, running one can enhance and improve their fitness levels. This way we can live our everyday lives more efficiently and also more happily. Furthermore, we will be more energetic with constant exercise. We will not get tired easily thus enabling us to stay up awake longer and do work faster and efficiently. Thus, our peers and managers will praise us for completing work given in such a short time. For example, running helps me to stay fit and fresh every day. Running also helps as a form of therapy. Running helps people to release their stress in a way that brings benefits to them. After a long and stressful day, everyone wants to release their accumulated stress. However, we need to release stress through a more appropriate channel. Otherwise, it may bring a negative effect on our daily lives. For example, alcohol consumption to release stress may cause our body to deteriorate and have many health problems. Furthermore, alcohol consumption can cause liver and kidney problems for us. That’s why it important to do appropriate activities to release our stress. Thus, I feel that through running a lot of my stress has been released.

Running also help us to enjoy the view of nature in our surrounding. There are many running tracks available. These running tracks are suitable for everyone no matter who they are. Furthermore, these running tracks always have beautiful scenery that you can enjoy while running. This will help to calm your mind when watching nature. You can enjoy scenery such as trees, lakes, and small animals that live in the area. That’s why so many people loves running. For others running also helps them to make friends. There many running groups being made both amateur and professional. Thus, we can meet and know many people. For me. I start running when I was in University. The stress of doing assignment and test have cause me some mild anxiety. Thus, my friends suggest me to start running as a way to release my stress. From then on, I become an avid runner. Eventually, it leads to me entering marathon in free time. I don’t really care about competition, I just want to enjoy new running tracks with other people. For me running has been a huge part of my life. However, now I face a dilemma when my running shoes have gone bad due to the recent flood in my area. Thus, I don’t have any running shoes for me to enjoy running. Especially with the current Covid-19 situation, our country allowed us to do sports activities as long we adhere to social distancing. Hence, I want to use the opportunity to release my stress due to pandemic and enjoy running alone. However, this small problems has cause some setbacks for my plan. I have tried to find running shoes in the market unfortunately its quality and size are not up to my standard. That’s why in the case of me not finding suitable shoes I want to beg if you can find something for me. The specifications are as follow
-High Quality
-Nike or Adidas
-Size 35

I beg for an office desk


An office desk is a piece of crucial office furniture that is essential in an organizational or company office suite. It provides the platform surface where great deals are made and the surface for the signing of contracts as well as a surface for conducting of business works and projects. It provides a sense of business in an office suite environment giving clients a sense of seniority as well as trust in the business process at hand. Being a start-up company, office equipment such as desks are very crucial in the job group environment.

I am a freelance agent providing real estate services and I was been able to acquire office space for my service. My job requires me to meet up with clients, provide workable real estate solutions to develop modern estates and provide a payment strategy between tenants and landowners. This requires me to meet up with different people each time to settle the business dues.
With the impending COVID-19 doom in the world, my business has deteriorated to an event I had to lose my office space and sell the subsequent furniture that was available in order to provide for my family. The ongoing spread has pushed me to set up office space at my residence in order to try to boost up whats left of my business which is on the verge of failure if no immediate action is taken to salvage it. I’ve tried to acquire some capital from my close associates but all of them are stacked I up in their own problem as well. Getting a loan on the other hand has proven to be futile from Sacco and banks denying me the benefit of the doubt with no security to their money once loaned to me.
I hear-by heed to anyone who can hear my cry to donate me with an office desk in order to set up my home office. The pandemic has drained me dry and at the moment I am not able to supplement myself with the required equipment to set up the office. I am left stranded with no solution on how to get the desk with just the hope of a good Samaritan in this platform to help me achieve my business dignity. The office desk will be a stepping stone to help me get back on track to my business rails.
The business being low and all, the proper set up in this industry will be present a workable business environment in order to seal the deal and I got the niche on how to kick to start the business strategy but I can not be able to achieve this without the office desk. My place of residence provides a strategic position to bring in clients for the time being and thus as you can see your donation to this would bring so much joy to my self as well as my family as I am the sole breadwinner. More blessings will follow you and you will be able to receive peace of mind knowing that your donation was worthwhile to someone. Thank you