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I beg for new laptop!?!

I’m a (partially) freelance security auditor and Linux system administrator.
A few days ago my laptop that I use for both work and more-or-less everything
else was stolen. I can’t earn anything without it and I’m posting this from a
library computer. I’m already trying to find a temporary part-time job but even
if I can, it won’t sustain me for very long. I’m already a bit behind on my rent
and I need to get a new laptop that’s able to fill my needs as soon as possible.

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The new supercharger
GeForce® GTX gaming laptops are built with the breakthrough graphics performance of the award-winning NVIDIA Turing™ architecture. With up to 2x the performance of the GeForce GTX 950M and up to 70% faster than the GTX 1050, it is a supercharger for today’s most popular PC games, and even faster with modern titles. Step up to better gaming with GeForce GTX.
Game better
Powerful hardware means nothing without a thermal system that can stand the heat, and the IdeaPad Gaming 3i laptop was engineered to bring a gaming experience that is quieter and cooler than ever before. Featuring 5th generation thermal engineering, the IdeaPad Gaming 3i features a more robust dual fan and vent system than previous generations, as well as enhanced heat sinks with more support for higher CPU and GPU temperatures. Finally, this gaming laptop offers Q Control, allowing users to adjust the fan speed from Quiet to Balance to Performance Mode for a truly customized thermal experience whether you need battery life, daily usage, or raw power.

The Lenovo Legion M200 RGB Gaming Mouse is designed for the beginners and amateur PC gamers. With an ambidextrous comfortable design, it is affordable in price but uncompromised in functionality and performance. Legion M200 features a 5-button design, up to 2400 DPI with 4 levels DPI switch, 7-color circulating-backlight and a braided cable. It is easy-to-use and set-up without any extra complicated software. Adjustable 4 level DPI setting; 500 fps frame rate; 30 inches per seconds maximum moving speed; 7-color circulating backlight.

For gamer’s who demand unlimited control, the full-sized Legion Gaming XL Cloth Mouse and Keyboard Mat provide ample room to hack, slash and shoot your way to victory. Gaming-grade, it features a microfiber top surface for speed and accuracy, non-slip rubberized base for control, and anti-fray, waterproof construction for unwavering durability.
Features & Benefits

Skid-proof rubberized base provides stability when gliding and aiming
High-density microfiber cloth on the top surface is water-repellent and durable
Braided locked edge design for durability and accuracy
Separate rolling package design for easy storage
Size: L*W*H: 900 * 300 * 3 mm ( 31.5* 11.8 * 0.12 inches)
Sleek, minimalist design with new Legion logo matches other Legion series gear.

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I beg for canon lens for black-magic 6 k pocket camera

Hello to all those who is reading my article here. I am an independent and aspiring film maker from eastern Nepal. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in film making and have theoretical knowledge about films and also have worked in some of smaller projects. I love making films and I love writing films too. It’s very difficult for me to find the producers since there is very low practice of believing in someone else’s writing or scripts in my country. The one with money with them are only able to create films. The one who has link or involved in nepotism gets the Job very fast here. We hustle every day just for a small projects or involvement here. I really do work hard and now even that has stopped for me because of the pandemic and the lock down has affected me very badly. In the mean time I am writing my script for myself so that I can produce independently by the help of my friends. One of my friend has a black-magic pocket camera 6 k but we do not have a proper lens for it. If we have proper lens we can shoot better and have our film made more beautiful. There are lot more other things to look after beside the lens but we have to manage in the same way lending and asking with others known and unknown. Before the COVID I was carefree and hustling the way I was able too but now the situations are different and too hard for me. I need this lens and I need my film to be produced too. From the beginning I have been into films and always lived films. Even though I am from a small part of Nepal I have been introduced to the world cinema. The world cinema has aspired and inspired me in every possible ways. I want to bring a change in the cinema industry in my country too. This lens will help me to get along and step one stone closer to what I have been dreaming for since my childhood. It’s not easier to be done than said but effective collaborations and dedicated hard work with smart ideas can lead the way to success. To change the perception towards struggle and success there is a huge hard work required. I would like my work to be simple and with the help of my art form I also want to inspire people. I would be very glad even if I can inspire one person at a time. This will bring meaning to my hard work and passion. I don’t know what is there in the future for me but I do believe whatever it is there it is my destiny and I will accept with a smile. I would be very grateful to those who will help me with the lens. I have attached the image too. This is a genuine article from my side, I hope someone can understand what I have written here. Thank you for reading

I beg for Healthy pregnancy


We know the world has changed a lot and like many things in medicine and health that were hitherto a real taboo also, one of the big questions for many pregnant women and also for the public in general was: ” P ou can one woman exercise during pregnancy ? ” , and the answer is YES, and in this summary we will know how to do it properly.

Performing physical activity is good during any stage of life because this brings many benefits to our health in general, in the case of pregnant women it should not be the difference, the studies that have been carried out have shown that pregnant women who performed physical exercises considerably decreased the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus, hypertension in pregnancy that can lead to eclampsia, as well as significant benefits at the time of delivery, cesarean section and postpartum recovery. The 2018 update of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Physical Activity Guidelines recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week during pregnancy and pregnancy. postpartum period
It is important to note that physical activity during pregnancy is beneficial but certain guidelines must be followed in routines as it progresses, as well as the associated pathologies that the pregnant woman may have and their contraindications must be taken into account, in order to thus avoid any type of danger that puts both the mother and the baby on the way at risk.

Heart disease, severe anemia, hypertension in pregnant women, cervical insufficiency, placenta previa, threatened abortion, multiple pregnancy.
It is always important to carry out a prenatal checkup with your doctor to be able to diagnose any of these conditions, and if, on the contrary, you do not have any and your pregnancy is normal, you can be authorized to carry out the physical activities you want.


• Walks: they can be done 3 to 5 times a week in short distances, from 30 minutes to 1 hour, it is advisable to be hydrated and with the appropriate sports clothing.
• Stationary cycling: performed on a low resistance stationary bike with an interval of 30 to 40 minutes during the first two trimesters of pregnancy.
• Aerobic exercises: performed 2 to 3 times a week.
• Swimming: it can be done 3 times a week for 1 hour.
• Resistance exercises such as weights and elastic bands: gradual exercises are recommended according to the time of gestation and under supervision.
• Stretching exercises: can be performed daily according to the time of gestation.
• Yoga. : This exercise is one of the most required by pregnant women since it combines stretching and relaxation of the muscles, which is beneficial at the time of delivery.

Some benefits had already been mentioned at the beginning of this summary but here we recap:
• It prevents diseases such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure in pregnancy.
• It benefits the strengthening of the muscles involved at the time of delivery.
• Helps the cardiovascular system.
• Helps increase metabolism.
• Prevents overweight.
• Helps muscle relaxation during labor.
• Helps self-esteem.
• Improve sleep


• Abdominal pain
• Vaginal bleeding
• Chest pain
• Headache
• Membrane rupture amniotic
• Shortness of breath
• Dizzines
If we manifest any of these symptoms immediately, we should end the exercise, go to our obstetrician so that he can perform an evaluation and be the one who decides whether or not to continue exercising for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Heart disease, severe anemia, hypertension in pregnant women, cervical insufficiency, placenta previa, threatened abortion, multiple pregnancy.
It is always important to carry out a prenatal checkup with your doctor to be able to diagnose any of these conditions, and if, on the contrary, you do not have any and your pregnancy is normal, you can be authorized to carry out the physical activities you want.

To conclude, it can be made clear that pregnancy is not a limitation to perform exercises, as long as this is a normal course and is authorized by your family doctor, in addition this practice is motivated by obstetricians from around the world and is ask others to motivate their pregnant patients to do some exercise, there are a wide variety of routines that can be done at home or in a gym, but the most important thing is that it brings significant benefits during and at the end of pregnancy; It is also important to follow the instructions of your doctor and not to exercise if you have a condition that prevents it, as well as if you experience symptoms during activity.

I beg for Super sophisticated smartphone

As is known today, if you do not have a mobile phone with the best features and performance, you are not into anything or simply fashionable, we live in a world where having a sophisticated mobile phone with the best known brand gives you a certain status within your social circle, but you have to know that not everyone has the purchasing power to own these mobiles, much less to change it when a new one is released.

A smartphone is necessary since it has tools that help us to carry out daily tasks, such as locating a taxi with an application, ordering your agenda, making video conferences, playing games to distract ourselves, or commonly as it is currently used to manage social networks where you can use these to even carry your business online, the truth is that a sophisticated smartphone can make your life easier.

In the market there is a wide range of mobile phones of all sizes, colors and brands, some with the odd extra tool that in technology would be a new update, even software, but the question will always be: “which will be the perfect phone for me?” , we can naturally say that the most expensive one will surely bring everything I want and need, right? But do not be fooled by a brand because there are often deficiencies in quality or in what they offer as updates to customers.

In order not to fall into the trap that buying the most expensive phone is synonymous with having the best phone in the world, it is essential to first sit down and see what we really need in our future phone, what tools cover my demand as a user, and then look for the smartphone of the different brands that can offer these tools and thus feel satisfied, because here is something that we must take into account, perhaps we do not need a famous brand, we only need a good and quality equipment.

Currently there are smart mobile phone brands that were not so famous that they have invested more money in the development of their software and equipment engineering, than in their model or form of it that can be novel to go on the market and knock down the biggest competitor, These brands have gone from being partially invisible to being brands that are the choice of more demanding customers, a specific case to mention here is the Xiaomi brand, which despite being founded from 2010 until now is that they tried to create smart mobile phones with very good software engineering and, above all, what attracts the customer the most is its price, and this is where it takes for granted the brand’s motto “Better quality at the lowest price”
It is not necessary to buy the aforementioned brand, it is simply an example, but like that there are other brands that can provide excellent equipment at a reasonable cost and with which you will feel satisfied, and this should not affect being fashionable with it. Latest brand phone, here it is about you as a customer having everything at your fingertips on your smartphone.

There are many stories of people who, because they get carried away with a famous brand and with the smartest phone of the moment, who were not satisfied with what they bought, at a high cost, because many make an extra sacrifice to obtain that phone that according to them will make life better, there are also complaints that many of these famous phones have deficiencies in their software and limit some applications, which is not a problem with another lower-priced phone but with the same features. You have to know how to choose and have the best option.

I beg for Clean and Safe Water


Water is a fundamental supplement and assumes a key function in the human body. We can get by as long as a little while without food, however just a couple of days without water. Each framework in the body, from cells and tissues to fundamental organs expects the water to work.
Water is considered to be life and both plants and animals can not survive without this essential commodity. I have realized that I have not been taking enough water because of its scarcity in my area of residence. In deed I’m begging for clean drinking water because I have discovered that water:
• conveys supplements to all cells in my body and oxygen to my mind
• permits my body to ingest and absorb minerals, nutrients, amino acids, glucose, and different substances
• flushes out poisons and waste from my body
• assists my body by controlling the internal heat level
• acts as an ointment for my joints and muscles
• Adds to the keeping up the body’s ordinary thermoregulation.
Did you realize that this substance called water makes up on normal 60% of a grown-up’s body weight, from 31 % in unresolved issues in the lungs? I beg for clean drinking water.
I have realized that my body can’t store water. Consistently I am continually losing water through breathing, perspiring, and through the arrival of pee and defecation. Guaranteeing that lost liquids are renewed in an opportune way and that my body is effectively hydrated is fundamental for acceptable good health and for the body to work.
Water makes up on normal 60% of my body weight, from 31 % in unclear issues in the lungs. Water adds to the upkeep of my typical physical and intellectual capacity. Water also adds to the upkeep of typical thermoregulation. I beg for clean drinking water.
This implies water can impact my physical presentation, just as my psychological exhibition. If I don’t take enough water, for instance, I may encounter weakness or become less active. Water likewise regulates my internal heat levels. I beg for clean water.
To forestall a lack of hydration or decreased real and psychological capacities, in any event, I need to take in at least 2 liters of water every day. This objective can be acquired mostly when I drink water, refreshments of numerous types, and from eating various nourishments. These particular suggestions just apply to states of moderate (room) temperature and typical physical movement levels. The suggested measure of water can be effortlessly expended as a feature of a decent eating routine. I beg for clean drinking water.
Different minerals are fundamental to my body as they help to manage crucial substantial capacities and metabolic cycles. Devouring characteristic mineral water and spring waters is a helpful method to supply my body with fundamental minerals.

Poor water intake and consumption of unsafe water can be dangerous. I had sometimes last year, suffered from cholera as a result of drinking untreated water without knowing. I would never want to fall victim to such a circumstance. I beg for clean and safe water.

I beg for Health Care


I Beg For Universal Health Care
Health care is a fundamental need of each person. It ought to be viewed as essential common liberty, where the country guarantees that each individual is secured by equivalent human services, paying little mind to age, sexual orientation, or salary.
Industrialized nations everywhere over the world have been utilizing single-payer human services for a considerable length of time, which is superior to private medical coverage. Even though it is viewed as a powerful medicinal services framework, the inquiry is, why can’t I utilize the single-payer social insurance framework like other people? I beg for universal health care.
It justifies in any occasion fundamental human administrations, independent of their origination, establishment, or financial status. As of late, there was an alliance made of more than 500 driving good health and advancement associations from all edges of the world, asking governments to make changes that will see that I approach quality medicinal services without being forced into poverty. This is the thing that has been the fundamental standard of all-inclusive medicinal services. I eg for universal health care.
General social insurance is tied in with giving a predetermined health awareness bundle, which will be gainful to me, with the point of giving money related peril security, improved prosperity results, and improved induction to with the point of giving money related peril security, improved prosperity results, and improved induction to health workers. Such a wellbeing pack doesn’t offer inclusion to everything, except instead, it will in general be constrained by three fundamental estimations, which include:
• Am I secured?
• What administrations are secured?
• How a significant part of the expense is secured?
As indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO), general social insurance is a framework wherein I can get good health services, without bringing about the monetary difficulty. Widespread human services were first begun in Germany in 1883 and spread to different nations, particularly the rich countries of Europe. America isn’t taking an interest in this sort of good health framework right now. I beg for health care
For me to benefit from the healthcare services, the objectives of a Universal human administrations system should include:
• A solid, effective, all-around run good health framework;
• A framework for financing wellbeing administrations;
• Access to basic meds and advancements;
• An adequate limit of very much prepared, propelled health workers.
General medicinal services are once in a while considered as free social insurance (as in Canada and other developed countries). In reality, I have nothing similar to free social insurance; I’m continually praying for it in one way or another. I beg for health care.
Widespread human services are the sort of health awareness plan where I can get health services, regardless of my societal position, salary, age, sex, race, prior condition, or riches. This implies the extent that long as I am ensured as a legitimate individual from the locale where all-inclusive human services are being rehearsed, at that point I am qualified for that care. I beg my government under the ministry of health, all the stakeholders any other entity of goodwill to help me. I beg for better health care.

I beg for A Decent House


A house is a single-unit private building, which may go in intricacy from a simple hovel to an unpredictable structure of wood, brickwork, concrete, or other material, equipped with plumbing, electrical, and heating, ventilation, and cooling systems.
Houses utilize a scope of various roofing frameworks to keep precipitation, for example, rain from getting into the dwelling space. Houses may have entryways or locks to make sure about the dwelling space and shield its inhabitants and substance from thieves or different intruders.
Most ordinary present-day houses in Western societies will contain at least one room and washrooms, a kitchen or cooking region, and a living room. A house may have a different dining room, or the eating zone might be integrated into another room. In conventional horticulture situated social orders, local creatures, for example, chickens or bigger domesticated animals (like cows) may impart some portion of the house to people.
I need a house with the following characteristics:
1. Location
I need a house which is located near the highway and the shopping center. It should be where I walk to while going to town or while I’m doing some exercises. It should be located where there’s access to clean water. The house should be within the neighborhood.
2. Light and Bright
I need a house with ample windows that allow full sun. I may have to provide shade in the summertime, but I’ll save on heating bills in winter and overall have a sunnier disposition than those who live in a cave. I will be pushing towards solar panels use at home should I get a house.
3. Walkability
I want a house where I can able to walk to the shops. The distance should be convenient, good for exercise too. I need the location to encourage my walk to town. If so, I need a house that is not close to the foothills, the mountain, or the river bank.
4. Security
I want a house where I can walk safely during odd hours. It should not be within a secluded area. It should be where no one Can sneak up on me from behind. The house should be where the neighbors can help me whenever there’s a problem or when I get hurt. I require a safe and secure house.
5. Privacy
No one should be able to look in, especially from the higher areas above me. I can also accept up-slopes as long as there is ample distance from the flat area in between, and the houses above are set back so I can’t see them much. I beg for a private house.
6. Two-Story
My personal preference is usually two-story houses. I feel it because it can allow me to stay together with all my family members. I also prefer it because it’s cheaper compared to a one-story house
7. Floor Plan
I desire a house with big open rooms that flow. This can be fixed with cream-colored tiles. It should have enough space.
8. Indoor/Outdoor Entertaining – I love a house with both indoor and outdoor entertaining features. It should have a swimming pool, beautiful flowers, a small garden, a decent resting shade, and an outdoor kitchen. I beg for a decent house.

I beg for Food


After over 5 months under lockdown, most private schools and BOM tutors have gone to beg to survive. Being one of them, I’ve been begging for food from thoughtful guardians because the school owner can’t bear to pay me any longer as long stretches of lockdown heap up.
I am significantly reliant on education costs paid by students to fund my tasks. The sudden closure of schools in March affected the funds of tuition-based schools that I serve. I beg for food.
Mr. Kamau, a colleague and an educator in a private city school, said in a meeting that he was energetically hanging tight for his pay in March when schools shut. As indicated by him, he hasn’t got his compensation to date. The same scenario applies to me.
He said the school owner was hoping to get cash from guardians on appearance day the next week. The dad of three says he has been battling to make a decent living. He said he in some cases asks guardians for help.
A few guardians could send me some maize and beans which could keep me going. My story is the same as numerous different educators in the private schools met during this pandemic period. I’ve been contacting guardians for help to make a decent living. I beg for food.
“You realize it is disturbing. Yet, it is the main alternative that I can fall back on. Some give me and while others don’t because they are additionally battling to live. Yet, I realize that opportunity will come when they can no-longer send help, however I beg for food.
I had planned to ride my Boda however I scarcely get clients because, under lockdown, customers are restricted not to move from one place to another.
“If the circumstance doesn’t standardize we should pay them half-pay rates starting in May. In the direct outcome imaginable, in other words, if the lockdown goes past September, we may quit paying them. Nonetheless, we have guaranteed them that they will get their unfulfilled obligations since they have running agreements,” said an owner
To exacerbate the situation, there are no state-of-the-art measurements for this gathering of individuals. I’m begging the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and the ministry of education to launch a free food program that I can benefit from. I beg for food.
KNUT officials in certain pieces of the nation noticed that since open educators are as yet getting compensations, some of them could prepare themselves to give food and some fundamental needs to a portion of the instructors who may be extraordinarily influenced.
In a similar turn of events, the Kenya Private Schools affiliation executive notes that they are drawing in the training division to see whether they can think of an arrangement to help educators in the private part get by during the lockdown.
I beg that the ministry of education and other stakeholders or any well-wisher come forth. They should come up with the strategies of rescuing me together with the most vulnerable individuals during this period of Covid-19. I beg for food

I beg for School Uniform Donations


A donation is a gift for charity, humanitarian aid, or to benefit a cause. A donation may take various forms, including gifts, alms, services, or goods such as clothing, toys, food, or vehicles. A donation may satisfy medical needs such as blood or organs for transplant. I usually beg for donations using the following means:
1. I Personalize my Messages
Nothing talks stronger to me than my name, whatever specialized device I’m utilizing.
So why not do this for my gift advertising also? The least difficult approach to do this is to customize my messages and letters by including my likely benefactor’s name and what they gave last time (if material).
2. I Employ Color Psychology
Similarly, as pictures can be utilized to summon an enthusiastic reaction to give, so can hues. Research demonstrates that over 80% depend on shading while thinking about donating.
Thus, I ensure utilizing suitable hues in my pamphlets, pictures, and page designs to help make my gift message more grounded to allure individuals to assist me with my donation is.
For example, red demonstrated fortitude, quality, and fervor, while blue shows correspondence, smoothness, and trust.
3. I Supplement Events
Toward the finish of each occasion enlistment structure, I request a gift. Thus, I never botch a chance to raise reserves.
Individuals are additionally ready to give to your association when they’re paying for something different. That is the reason a clerk will request that you give to a cause when you have your wallet out to pay for your goods. With this system, America’s top 77 checkout crusades in 2014 raised to $388 million. I beg for school uniform donation.
Much the same as clerks requesting gifts, I can utilize my occasion enrollment structures to beg for gifts as well.
4. I Use Digital Incentives
By offering computerized impetuses for singular benefactors (identifications, instruction, and so on.) I’m giving individuals an explanation — past magnanimity — to help me out. I Consider the kind of extra motivation that can make my expected givers offer more to my request.
For instance, if a giver gives food or more, I can give them a marked mug. Give clothing or more, I give them a marked cap or a portrait. I get the thought, I always get imaginative and succeed! I beg for the donation of school uniforms.
5. Using Media Incentives
Much like advanced motivations tempt singular supporters, I can offer media impetuses to allure corporate patrons. I use this methodology basically for some organizations. I beg for school uniforms.
Instances of media motivators are things like advertising space on my site, a supported message at my yearly meeting, or an advanced support post on my blog. Contingent upon your specialty, you can expound on media motivators any way you like.
6. Participating in Crowdfunding
This is an incredible method to recount to my charitable story to donate. While crowdfunding first picked up a reputation as a gathering pledges strategy for people and organizations, it has since advanced to be an incredible internet raising donations alternative for not-for-profits. I beg for the uniform donations.

I beg for a new smartphone

Although many may see a phone as just something you need to make calls or send text messages, so why would you need a “fancy” phone that cost so much more?

I am a content writer, currently, my work is my passion however, before this I worked in the Hospitality and Insurance industries but decided to quit my job and peruse my passion.
Like any business, in order to peruse my passion successfully, it requires an investment of different forms namely a New Smart Phone!
When you’re self-employed and working remotely like I am, most of what it takes to execute your job well takes good tools and with a new phone, I would be able to do so much!
I could record videos that would help me connect with my followers and not just get to know them but give them the chance to get to know the person behind the name as well.
With a new phone, I would have a better camera which would give me the opportunity to practice photography more and be able to have pictures for my content because let’s be honest…. An article without engaging pictures can be very boring!
I would also be able to be active on more social platforms to better market myself and unfortunately with my current phone – I am not able to do that.
Building any career takes more than you have and for some those things that they need can take them months, even years to attain in order to do that but I do hope that I can get this opportunity so I can better myself and excel at my career today.
Writing is not just a way to make a living, it’s not a part-time job or a phase, writing has truly become my life – it has become the very fire that ignites my soul.
I don’t want to just do well in this profession, I want to do the best that I possibly can do and with the right support, tools, and form of investment I will have the platform to that.
I want to have my writing take me around the globe and experience things beyond my imagination but in order for me to get there I need a few things and one of those things is truly a new smartphone.
Although I am patient and I know that regardless of how I do it or what I do, I will make a success out of writing as long as I stay dedicated and committed which I plan on doing.
However, if there is someone who could give me a boost to equip me with those tools, I will be more than grateful and it is truly something that seems minute to many but in my circumstance, it could have a major positive impact on my career.
I am a young, enthusiastic and truly invested writer who knows that should someone buy me a new smartphone I will not take that gesture for granted and It will inspire me to work even harder.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I truly hope you are open to making this small investment that would be a huge impact on my life.