Begging policy

If you are a beggar, what are you begging for, and why are you begging for this thing?

It can’t be money. For example, begging for a pair of prosthetic legs for a disabled dog, or beg an umbrella for your self.

Writing an begging article more than 500 words, Please don’t plagiarize other people’s begging articles. If you find someone plagiarizing your article, once verified, the reporter will be awarded $ 20. Plagiarists are always on the blacklist.
*1 article can only beg 1 thing, or a series of related products.

When a philanthropist choose to help you, We will share your information to him/her, so you will make your dream comes true.

Please sign up and write your first begging news. We will check and list the begging news on

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Good luck, Beggars!